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Sell products directly to your followers on any social channel

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Here is how we do it!

linkr offers a range of tools to ensure you bring the right content to the right people while maximizing monetization. From tagging images, earning money on the sales of tagged products to a magazine alike shopping experience we’ve got you covered!


Get access to products from hundreds of handpicked retailers and tag them directly on your images.

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Increase your conversion by posting tagged images on your social channels.


Take a cut of every product sold from your images.


Track every transaction from your channels centrally.

Linkr is thenext stage inSocial E-Commerce

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Brand Ambassadors & Content Creators

Brand Ambassadors &
Content Creators

linkr lets you tag and sell the products you find on the web in just a few clicks. You can use linkr to boost your sales by tagging the content you post. Participate on any sale of your tagged products and increase conversion by providing the fastest way to buy.

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Discover new products like you never did before. Get your own, personal shop-able magazine, filled with great products, carefully curated to your interests. Follow inspiring people and brands and when inspiration turns into desire – just click it, buy it, love it!



Running your own store?

Expose your products to your social peers through linkr! Enable brand ambassadors and content creators to market your products for you. Boost your reach by instantly accessing hundreds of potential sales agents.

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